Being honest. Keeping our promises.And staying humble, yet never forgetting to take up bold challenges every now and then.

Our unwavering commitment is to giving you what you want, and considering what we can do that will benefit you. What product types, quantities, and delivery modes will bring the greatest satisfaction to you in the steelmaking industry? We maintain a vast amount of stock, and are outfitted with equipment that includes a shredding degreaser and a slug press, and also make private delivery our general policy, all on the basis of this thinking. Our "customer first" mindset starts with your needs, and then prepares the systems necessary to achieve them. Through this, we intend to build up a systems of coexistence and co-prosperity that also aims to achieve our own corporate success.

Now that stainless steel has become subject to the impact of global circumstances and is a commodity subject to market trends and experiencing sharp fluctuations in price, expectations for stable supply are higher than ever. This perforce has led us to the acute awareness that our social mission of securing the materials for stainless steel and supplying products in a stable way is growing in importance. Through good partnerships with scrap vendors and the users of materials for stainless steel who constitute our customers, we are renewing our determination to bring the concerted effort of our workforce to bear to press ahead in our operations so that we can accomplish our vital mission of stable supply.

Fumikazu Ito CEO