Three advantages that let you do business with us with security

More stock means more peace of mind for you.

Our Head Office, Tobishima, and Kisosaki plants have back yards that total 11,550 square meters.
More stock means more peace of mind for you.
What's more, are stockyards are installed with 24-hour surveillance cameras, for a comprehensive security system.

Responsive in-house staff assuring you worry-free transportation

Instead of relying on third-party carriers, we make private delivery our general policy.
Our driving staff make deliveries using trucks we own, enabling rapid, flexible response, and areas of responsibility are also clear-cut.
Our commitment to quality extends not just to materials, but to transportation as well.

Offering materials of high added value, perfectly matched to your needs

What are you looking for? How much do you need? What type do you need? These questions serve as the starting point that enables us to offer you materials that are a precise match for your needs.
We are equipped with a shredding degreaser, slug press, briquetting machine, and more, and can deliver materials machined to exactly the right shape and size for your needs.

We own one of Japan's few shredding degreasers for turnings and slug presses for compacting degreased turnings, and these enable us to offer actual steelmakers stainless-steel materials in an easy-to-use configuration. These can help save electrical power and other energy as well.

When in powder form, nickel and other additives are subject to high loss. At Itokinzoku Shoji, we use a briquetting machine to form powdered additives into briquettes. This facilitates content control in steelmaker manufacturing processes, enabling stable quality as well as minimal material loss.

Through quality checks using a portable composition analyzer and safety inspection using a radiation detector, we can offer you materials at quality levels that you can use with security.